sThe Yolanda Ranch has many options to help customize your day, a garden ceremony under an array of ancient trees, a shady reception next to the beautiful mansion in the fresh open air or just a friendly gathering on the green grass. 

And you are always welcome back.........Just imagine after your perfect wedding day is over, you can to return each anniversary to the property to watch the sunset and reflect on the day your life began together. You could hold your childs1st birthday bash on the same property where your forever began, endless options at a perfect location.

The Historical Yolanda Ranch is ideally located between Davis and Woodland. The property is full of amazing history! The Yolanda Ranch originated as the Bryon Jackson Orchard and Vineyard, sold to the Hecke Family that specialized in farming and horticulture, Mr. Hecke was a huge advocate of the University of Davis Agricultural progam.

The Broward Family has owned the Ranch for 25 years, my husband and I were the 1st of many couples to be married on the gorgeous property in 2005. My love for weddings and the desire to share our beautiful grounds with you for one of the most important days of your life inspired the creation of my business Jamee Lynne Events at The Yolanda Ranch.

If you are interested in visiting the site, contact Jamee at

(530) 681-3311 or email jameeb6@gmail.com