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The Historical Yolanda Ranch home was built in 1870 by George Cobbs, with Stamp and Gilbert as designers and contractors. The home cost $10,000 to construct which included 2 coats of paint, paperwork shows that in 1960 1 coat of paint for the whole house cost $3,000. Byron Jackson was the original owner of the 160 acres who decided upon grapes and fruit growing, and laid the foundation for the present extensive horticultral enterprise.

Byron Jackson was the inventor of the centrifugal pump, he sold the ranch to George Hecke in 1905 to pursue his pump buisness in San Francisco. Goerge Hecke was Born in England where he studied horticulture. Leila Hecke, daughter of George Hecke married Charles Hardy and together they ran the ranch for many years. Charles Hardy was Yolo Countys Agricultural Commissioner in 1930 -1963.

The Broward Family purchase the Ranch in 1990, where they have been establishing strong roots. The 3rd generation has recently begun to enjoy the surrounding of the beautiful property!